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Hear what Heartland Sales Professionals have to say about working for Heartland Payment Systems.

A Different Kind of Opportunity

We don’t have territories.

We believe in the power of referral relationships, even if that means crossing the street, the city, the state or even the country. At Heartland, our relationships with our clients and referral providers are more important than the edges of a zip code. You can sell to any opportunity, regardless of where the business is located.

We believe you can help a business of any size.

We want to serve every client we can, regardless of where they might be in the growth or development of their businesses. You have the freedom to bring any new client to Heartland, regardless of employee count. Whether you are signing a new company with two employees, or helping a store add its tenth location or hundredth employee, you can help find the perfect

solution and win its business.

We focus on our strengths and let our partners focus on theirs.

Although selling insurance and benefits could be a profitable model, it’s not our sweet spot. We believe in focusing on our strengths, which is why referral partners of all kinds love working with our sales professionals. They know we won’t get into their business, and we’ll share opportunities with them whenever possible. We’ll even give them part of the recurring revenue their leads generate, because ...

We pay you residuals.

Although all sales professionals care about servicing their customers, you have a financial incentive to answer the phone when it rings. Every paycheck given to you on every account you sell contributes to your household income. Our processing centers do the heavy lifting, but our residual income rewards you for serving your clients when they need something.

More qualified leads from your peers through Stronger Together.

We have hundreds of thousands of existing customers who need our solutions. We’ve been a premier merchant services provider for nearly 20 years, and virtually every one of our 400,000 clients could benefit from other Heartland products. Selling with us starts with a qualified list of opportunities you can consult and grow into the network you build for yourself.

You have local sales colleagues for sharing referrals.

We have an entire suite of business solutions that can be referred to another local Heartland sales colleague with shared credit and compensation. What’s more, they’ll be sharing their leads with you in the exact same way. It’s like a lead-generating machine powered by local professionals and fueled by ongoing client relationships that never stops churning.

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